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Now Might Be the Time to Stock Up on Emergency Contraception

Hey, yeah. The Supreme Court is full of conservatives who are likely to restrict abortion and maybe even contraception options.


Plan B emergency contraception is available without a prescription at most retail pharmacy stores in Georgia for people 17 or older. SOURCE

Some forms of emergency contraception are available on pharmacy shelves, without a prescription, to anyone of any age.

Plan B is most effective in people 165 lbs. or less. It may be ineffective in people with a BMI of 26 or more.

Between Plan B and Ella, Ella is the emergency contraception that is most effective for people who weigh between 155 to 195 lbs. It may lose effectiveness for people with a BMI of 35. SOURCE

The bad news is, if you weigh more than 195 lbs and need emergency contraception, you have to talk your doctor. The sure-fire way to achieve emergency contraception is a copper IUD, which is NOT a solution for some people. They're expensive, insertion is a WHOLE THING, and they may cause heavier periods.

There is some evidence that doubling the dose of Plan B may be effective in people with higher BMI, BUT that's VERY UNPROVEN in the scientific literature and the safety of this is completely unknown. SOURCE

Read more about emergency contraception at higher weights. Not much you can do. SOURCE The BEST thing you can do to protect your reproductive freedom is to vote on Tuesday.

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