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     Ben started adventuring in elementary school with neighbors, delving into modules from AD&D that his father found at yard sales. Since those early days, he’s followed his love of telling interactive and communal stories to gaming conventions across the U.S.

     Ben is currently looking for a job in corporate sustainability or diversity. He spends his free time collaborating with others to write adventures, reading, and traveling.

Ben Heisler

     Paige has been playing D&D since 1982 and started the game by drawing in her younger brother and a group of friends in to serve as players in her game. In that time, she’s found that she loves that it’s a social way to tell stories with friends and using D&D to grow her network of friends - which range all around the US from playing at many conventions.

     Outside of D&D, Paige spends her time playing video games, moderating the D&D 5th edition Facebook community, and co-hosting The Tome Show's The Round Table podcast with Ginny Loveday.
      Paige is a marine biologist and risk assessor who works for Ramboll. The short story of what she does for a living is that she draws the line between “clean” and “dirty” to help industrial clients know when, where, and how much to clean up contaminated sediment, water, and soil. 

Paige Leitman
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