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More Latinos, Women, and People of Color in Games

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Someone on the internet said:

"So what? You just want more Latinos and women and people of color in games just so they'd be there?"

I said. "Yes, I do."

I want so many Latinos talking about tabletop RPGs that the Spanish translation for "opportunity attack" entirely replaces the English confusion of "attack of opportunity" vs "OA" or whatever else we try to call it. I want D&D Beyond in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I want there to be so many great actual play podcasts done entirely by Latinos that people are agonizing about only having enough time to listen to the top twenty best ones.

I want so many women in this hobby that are killin' it with content generation that we can't keep 'em straight. So many that we are complaining about the number of Micheles and Ebonys and women are having to use stage names and middle names to avoid confusion. And leading the vanguard are the grey-haired grandmas who have been playing for forty years and want people off their gaming lawns. There's no pressure to be sexy, just women doing their thing.

I want so many people of color doing YouTube videos about better game mastering that they band together into multiple networks and then those networks have to fight for market share. So many people of color playing this game that it just makes good financial sense that the covers of the next five editions are entirely human people of color, dwarves, elves, and halflings.

Playing tabletop RPGs involves using our great multitude of histories, mythologies, and traditions and repackaging them into great stories. The more diverse the histories of the people who are participating in those stories as players and DMs, the broader the range of stories we have to create together.

Yep. Yes sir, that is what I want. You give me a ring of three wishes and stand back.

ADDENDUM: Mark Rosewater - lead designer for Magic: The Gathering, apparently was thinking the same thoughts I was this morning.

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